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2. Title: Road Trip Fandom: Kingdom Hearts Characters: Cloud, Demyx,… 
21st-Apr-2006 10:16 am
Yay it's the Impala
Title: Road Trip
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Cloud, Demyx, Zexion, Saix, Vexen
Word Count: 139
Rating: Worksafe
Summary: A little roadtrip crack with the Order and Cloud.

Critique: Any spelling, grammar or homophones.

Cloud glared at Demyx for what had to be the thirty-fourth time now. "C'mon. This isn't funny anymore. I'm bigger than all of you. Why am I riding bitch?"

Demyx grinned, turning around and flashing Cloud a peace sign. "I called shotgun first and Zexion and Saix said oozie and you were still bitching about mosey-ing out of the house. That's why."

Cloud groaned. "Can't we trade? Zexion's hip bone is digging into mine."

Zexion threw a scowl at Cloud, but otherwise remained silent.

"And Saix is *poking* me."

"Yeah, well Cloud is on my side."

"If your damn boots weren't everywhere, I wouldn't have to be on your side."

Zexion sighed. "Are we there yet?"

"All of you shut up!" Vexen interupted. "Don't make me come back there! We'll get there when we get there!"


22nd-Apr-2006 11:15 am (UTC)
"Don't make me com back there!
That's the only mistake I can see.
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